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Mounting a dovetail jig.

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I have a small bench that I use for various projects. I recently got a Porter Cable Dovetail Jig that I would like to mount to it. The top is 3/4 hardboard. I would like to be able to move the jig when not using it and have the surface of the bench still be flat. Is there some type of bolt that could be attached to the bench top that would be flat on the surface and remain securly in place so I could bolt the jig on when needed but remove it when not in use?
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Concider using some of these mounted below the top.

I own a Black and Decker work mate, I've mounted tools like my planer, belt and disk sander, scroll saw to 3/4" plywood with a 2 X 2 cleat under it.
You just pick up the tool and clamp it to the table. This way your not getting saw dust all over your bench, it's also portable.
Dovetail jig

I considered that but really want some type of nut I can permanently insert into the wood then bolt it on when needed and unbolt it when not. I know they make something like that, I just have no idea what it is called.
Tee Nuts

That's what I need. I can drill the hole out and mount them from below. I may put some gorilla glue around them to be sure. Thank you so much for the help.
why not mount it to a piece of scrap and then just clamp it to the bench?
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Any box store or hardware will have them. If you drill the whole the right size there should not be any need to glue, I'd be afraid if getting the glue in the threads.
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