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Mounting 60" LCD to thin concrete wall

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I am trying to mount my 60" Sharp Aquos's bracket to the wall in my living room, the TV weighs 38 Kgs (83lbs). The problem I am having is I have never seen a wall like this before and dont know how to proceed. I was expecting there to be studs behind drywall but when I try to use a needle type stud finder I found the needle would not penetrate the wall. I opened an electrical outlet on the wall to find the wall is a sheet of concrete about 12mm (1/2 inch) deep with about 9mm (1/3 inch) of dry wall directly behind it so the wall is 21mm (.8 inches) thick total. I tried searching the other side of the wall which is made of only dry wall and there seems to be only one stud (maybe a stud) about 80cm away from the door (in Japan building code for wall studs are 455mm spacing).

Since concrete is rather robust compared to drywall could I just get away with mounting the bracket directly to the concrete with just using plastic concrete anchors and screws? If so what diameter and length should I use? If not what would be any of your suggestions?

Just to note the building I live in is a concrete structure and does not have a wood frame.

Thank you, for any information or suggestion.
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paintdrying said:
Stop. Do not use those plastic plugs that came with the tv. I had around a six hour discussion with a group of friends about your dilemma. My point was that you will need to screw into studs. You can still center that tv the way the bracket is designed. I drill holes in the bracket so that I hit studs. Other people use the holes in the bracket and use toggle bolts. Also know as butterfly bolts. You really need a picture of what you are working on.
Thank you for the advice paintdrying. I will take some pics of the wall and show you in detail what I am talking about. I guess my main concern is the lack of studs in the wall and if the concrete wall would hold up the TV on its own strength.

Again thank you for you and your friends time discussing this. I will upload pictures as soon as I can.

So this is the the wall. The red line is where the stud (maybe a stud is). The red arrow is showing a concrete support that runs from the 1st floor to the 3rd.

The illustration I made shows how the wall seems to be built. Gray would be the concrete, green is the drywall and brown would be the possible stud. The peach color area to the left is the concrete support.
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So I got the TV hung. I did a variety of things. First I used those internally expanding drywall anchors made of metal. I used 6 of those. It just so happened when drilling the holes for them I hit a stud dead center of where I was hanging the TV bracket, talk about luck. So I sank 2 75mm wood screws into the stud on the top and bottom. And to finish it off I put concrete screws on the outer most left and right holes. Lets just say it was extremely sturdy. I could hang off of it with absolutely no movement and I weight 185lbs.

Thanks for your input and time paintdrying.

I myself am a carpenters apprentice right now and hope to learn as much as possible and be a contributing member to this forum in the future.


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