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moulding for toe kick- cabinets

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I'm in process of completing kitchen makeover... We ended up installing laminate floor from Armstrong. For the most part- it's holding up well and looks nice- With regard to now installing baseboard trim all around- I have some questions/concerns.. Since with laminate floor - I had to leave a gap where floor butts up to cabinets- the toe kick molding that came with cabinets is not thick enough to cover the gap from where the floor butts up- Any suggestions for this? can I build it out a little from the cabinets- or is there something else that will look nice? The gap is only 1/4" (maybe a little more in some spots)
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Add a thin strip of wood to the cabinets so the toe kick is pushed out 3/8" or so---no need for 1/4 round that way---
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