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moulding for toe kick- cabinets

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I'm in process of completing kitchen makeover... We ended up installing laminate floor from Armstrong. For the most part- it's holding up well and looks nice- With regard to now installing baseboard trim all around- I have some questions/concerns.. Since with laminate floor - I had to leave a gap where floor butts up to cabinets- the toe kick molding that came with cabinets is not thick enough to cover the gap from where the floor butts up- Any suggestions for this? can I build it out a little from the cabinets- or is there something else that will look nice? The gap is only 1/4" (maybe a little more in some spots)
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I would prefer not to build out the front of cabinet before toe kick, although it may be the perfect solution in your case.
If you have a end cabinet that floor buts up to, building out the cabinet on end will not work.

I would be curious what baseboard you are using on the walls, might look tacky if you carry around the cabinets. If stain grade trim, might look pretty good.
If you trimmed the flooring close enough, You might get away with a piece of matching scribe moulding. Or just use 1/4 round.
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