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mould and damp major issue please help

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I have lived in my flat for 9 months and im haviing major problems with mould. I live on bottom floor there is a serious lack of sunlight that hits my block- but theres not much i can do about that! Two damp specialists have been and told Landlords its condensation and its not their problem to sort...
Anyhing that touches the floor in bedroom goes mouldy and drawer sets also, clothes, shoes etc there is a constant smell. When i lifted the underlay it was moist between the undertiles and it. The carpet grips are also black wigh mould growth.

Can anyone help! What can I do to solve this? I have a young baby having to live like this also!
I've been wickes/bnq, environmental health and still have been told nothing i can do :mad:
It there a special flooring i ca put down to seal or block floor!!
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