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motor brushes

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Anyone else ever notice how figuring out how to hold the brushes back while installing the armature is almost as exciting as getting the whole motor back together? I'll get it, but it's just one of those things that seems like just about the time you think you've got it mastered you run into a different design that takes a little bit to figure out. This one is an old 110 volt electric chainsaw that my father-in-law picked up at an auction probably 40 years ago, probably paid a buck or two, and it's been setting in the corner of my shop for years, so I finally dug it out, and figured if can fix a few things wrong with it someone might be able to use it. So just one of those things to work on when I have a few minutes, but still offers some challenges.
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I will. Like I said, I'll get it, no big deal, but it was about time to head up to the house last night anyway and I couldn't see any holes or other obvious spot so was just thinking that for something that is usually so easy once you find the right spot no two are alike so it just takes a few minutes to figure each one out.
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