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It is far from kosher.

A neutral may return only the current supplied by the accompanying hot wire. Neutrals from different branch circuits may not be tied together up in the house at outlet boxes, etc.

I suggest you disconnect the hot wire that does not go with the neutral that is being used, tape its end, and figure things out from there.

Power feed and neutral to manual switch (existing)
Switched feed and neutral from manual switch to light (existing, for always on)
Need two hot conductors and a neutral between manual switch and motion switch. You need to send unswitched power out to motion switch and get switched power back to manual switch's box to tie to switch's third position for auto setting. The neutral is needed, too, to operate the motion switch mechanism.

Two wires are needed between motion switch box and manual swtich box if the motion swith has built in on-off-auto.
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