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Motion Dimmer on Dusk to Dawn LED?

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I've got a couple of really bright dusk to dawn LED security lights outside my house. They're so bright, that I'd prefer they were dimmed unless motion is detected in which case they'd go to full brightness.

The fixture itself has the photocell in it for the dusk-to-dawn feature, but I'm trying to determine if it's possible to add a dimming motion sensor to these. I think the answer is "maybe," but another problem is I can't find any outdoor motion dimmers anyways.

I believe the dusk to dawn lights that I have are the Honeywell LED Security Light, 3500 Lumen, MA0201 variety.

Does anyone have any experience with anything like this?

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I have a "2-stage" outdoor security light i got at home depot probably 10 years ago. When there is no motion the lights are on but probably 25% of normal brightness. When motion is detected they go to 100%. One problem is I dont think Led's will work in that fixture. You would have to use incandescents.

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To convert your light, you would need the LED driver in the fixture to be dimmable, which is highly unlikely in that style light.

LED motion lights with dual brite technology are readily available in the floodlight style security lights.
I recently installed some motion-sensing outdoor security lights with a "dim light at dark, bright light when activated" feature.

I installed two Cree dimmable Par38 bulbs into the motion sensor and they work great. Do not use the EcoSmart 90W equivalent day light par38 flood light bulbs. Even though the EcoSmart bulbs say "dimmable," they just flash off and on when put into the "dim light when dark" mode by the motion sensor. Sadly, the Cree bulbs were more than double the price of the EcoSmart bulbs.
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