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Mot spot welder

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Hey all.
I am in the process or gathering all that I need to make my mini evaporator for sap boiling for next year. I typically use propane but it's getting pricey.

I got a 45 gallon drum I need to weld the top to the drum so it's sealed and will cut out spots in the body to place steam trays pans to boil off the sap.

Since I like doing stuff diy style and love to learn new things I thought I would make one of those mot microwave spot you think the welds would forge together or is it too thick?
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Ayuh,.... Never heard of a " mot microwave spot welders",......

'n ya haven't said how thick the drum is, nor what metal it's made of,....

My 1st suggestion is to just go buy a mig welder,.....
Need more information about what you are going to use for your heat source. If you are cutting holes into the drum why does it need to be sealed? How thick is the drum and what are you using for a cover? I agree with bondo. A small mig welder will do what ever you need. the time spent making one of those welds from a microwave would be better spent using a flux core welder from HF.
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