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Mortared Chopped Stone Concrete Form

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Hi Y'all -

Thought I better check with you fellas before trying this.

Have an area off pool deck that is for sunning chairs. It is bordered with mortared chopped stone (kinda like in pic). Can I use the stone as my form for filling this area in with concrete ?

Thx a bunch !


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of course you can,,, after all, its your house :wink2: how big an area ?

whether or not its a good idea depends on this: your geographic location. conc is a liquid that turns into a solid,,, when curing, it shrinks a bit as the water & cement complete their chemical reaction,,, once hard, it reacts to temp as does any other solid,,, it expands when heat is applied & shrinks as the heat is removed. where's YOUR where ?

expansion joint ( asphalt impregnated homosote ) is commonly installed when placing conc against a structure - you wall,,, you can also use foam sill seal, snipe hair, chicken feathers, or any other compressible provide space for the conc to expand w/o damaging your wall ( In this case, permanent form )

forms are commonly wood, steel, foam, or dirt - nothing says you can't use existing wall of stone - just use your head

thanks for checking :vs_wave: hth,,, even tho this is all you'll need to know, others will get up in a bit & post their $ 0.22 or $ .03 anyway,,, after you read all of them, remember that conc highways do not use expansion jnt material
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not a problem from what i can see,,, say 'hello' to heather for us :smile:
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