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I have an Asus AIMesh system. The main router is an Asus RT-AC88U. I have two satellites off the RT-AC88U, both of them are RT-AC66U B1's. They are connected / the backhaul is ethernet-CAT6, not wireless.

In addition, I have POE in the system. I have a passive POE inserter and a passive POE splitter, so a POE dongle on each end of the CAT6 cables. One of the satellites has a 50 foot Cat6 cable, the other has a 75 foot Cat6 cable.

One of the two RT-AC66U B1's works flawlessly -- like a charm. The second RT-AC66U B1 satellite, with the 75 foot run, isnt working.

I got on chat with ASUS and they said it sounded like a HW issue with the router and I returned it and got a replacement; so now I know its not a HW issue with the router.

One thing I notice with the misbehaving router, is the LED for the "internet/network" port kind of blinks, its not solid. the router is getting power/DC current but perhaps not a clear or stable ethernet signal?

I had the router in question in my study before I hooked it up to the 75 foot cable and the POE gear, with a shorter ethernet cable. It worked perfectly! Then when I hooked it up the to the 75 foot cable and the POE gear, it didn't work.

So, what could it be? Where is the broken link? The POE dongles and CAT6 cable work just fine with the other satellite.

I think the simplest thing I could do is bring the POE splitter and router back into my study and hook it up via a different CAT6 cable. If it works, then I presume the issue is the 75 foot cable. If it doesn't work, I presume it is the POE dongle?

I am wide open to suggests on how to indentify the broken link! Help!

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