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Monoprice Product 39306

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If anyone on the forum has installed the above mentioned TV mount can you answer the following?

1. Is it compatible with a 67"TCL R627 TV's VESA pattern of 400 x 400?

2.Does the mount allow the TV to be mounted "off center" in the event the wall studs are not located directly in the center of the viewing space?

3. Provided both a TV and sound bar mount are used will the mount be completely hidden when the TV is in the "Up" or stored position?

4.Does the mount operate smoothly and with little effort?

Thanks for any input
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1. The specs say minimum VESA is 100x100, maximum 800x500. Sounds like a "yes."
2. The wall plate is 26.8"x13.6", so in theory it looks like it should be able to slide sideways to hit two studs.
3. That probably depends on the size of your TV. Vertical position of the TV can be adjusted. You will see some of the mount at all times in the gap between the TV and sound bar, plus the handle.
4. Dunno.
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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