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moldy grout throughout the house? how to be sure and how to get rid of it!

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bought a home 6 months ago new ceramic floor and it was never sealed after it's renovation in the summer of 2010. girl moved in and made it dirty and nasty looking. seem to have a mold problem in the house, could it be a simple as the grout? the grout was originally a light cream color and it has turned an ugly brown. if so, is the mold only in between the tiles, or is it the whole floor under all of the tile? please help this is important my children and i are not feeling well and it all points to mold and i need to find out where it might be coming from. thank you also i mop like hell! with bleach, vinegar, and that's scrubbing on my hands and knees, not with a traditional mop that just wets the floor and smears dirt everywhere. plus there is grout all over the tile! makes the tile look dirty when really it isn't but i know for sure that the grout between the tiles is very dirty/gross looking.
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We are going to need a picture of the grout problem------If the grout is stained all over as opposed to the walkways something is up.

The poor quality grouting job makes me suspicious that the grout installation may be at fault.
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