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Mold problem

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hello folks
I am looking at a home of my dream but it has a few problems, so I'm not sure if its worth pursuing.

This is a single family wood frame house built in early 1990's that has suffered some water damage. There is a stench in the entire house, the floors on the 1st level have bubbled, and water damage in the basement. It seems that the house was purposefully flooded through the 1st level. Besides soaked carpet in the basement and damaged drywall, I am trying to get an understanding of what else may be affected, and if the house is salvageable so any word of advice is appreciated.

What affect does mold have on the studs? perhaps the interior can be dried out, what are mold's long term effects on health?
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I would stay away from this one. Without a test of the actual mold conditions, you are left with the possibility that the house is not habitable. If this basement was finished it will need to be completely stripped to the concrete walls. If the first floor was damaged by floods, all trim and drywall need to be removed.
What do you mean "purposefully flooded"??? Everything that was under water needs to be removed, carpet, drywall, insulation, trim, etc. Then it all gets a good drying with heated fans. The wood framing can be treated to prevent/remove mold. This is not a quick or inexpensive job.
I'm with Bob... Mold is one of those things that I would never be 100% sure I got rid of, regardless of what guarantees a restoration company offers.

We had very mild water damage along one wall of our home, and it was a big process (and very expensive) to take care of.
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