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A dehumidifier sufficiently sized for your basement will remove the moisture.

An ERV is an option to get the air moving and replaced with fresh air. It brings in fresh air from outside, exchanges a good bit of the heat then exhausts the stale air outside. It swaps moisture as well so if it's humid outside and dry inside, it will swap some moisture to raise the humidity inside. If it's humid inside and dry outside, it will move moisture outside.

An HRV is another option to cycle the air. The same thing as an ERV minus the moisture swap.

I'm building a house with a full inground basement. The house was build on high ground and the dirt where we dug the hole was very dry even 10 ft down. The walls are heavily coated with a polymer-modified asphalt waterproofer. after we got the house closed in and started locking the doors, I noticed a lot of moisture in the basement. There was condensation on the walls and you could feel the moisture in the air. It hadn't rained in weeks. I opened the two windows in the basement one morning. The walls were very damp at the time. 5 hours later, I checked the walls again and all the moisture was gone. Having the windows opened for a few hours was enough to remove all the mositure and get fresh air flowing.

I'd go with a dehumidifier. If I had the money, I'd install an HRV along with it.

Since I don't have the extra money, I purchase a refurbished AprilAire 1770 dehumidifier since my basement is 3300 sq ft. It removes 150 pints per day.
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