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moisture under marble tiles floor

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Hi. Our contractor did a great bathroom remodel for us with marble tile floors. However 2 days after he finished the toilet valve leaked and caused water to get under the tiles. Since it was white marble we could see where it was moist/wet because it was more grey where wet. He insisted it would dry out on its own. but i insisted he remove some of the tiles and replace. however he did not replace some of them and I notice that a few still have that grey color, do you think that will dry out under the tile over time? should i be concerned that mold can grow under the tile?
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You need a little patience---it may take 2 to 3 weeks for the cement materials (and the added water) to dry completely.

Mold should not be an issue if thinset was used to set the marble.

Marble is very absorbent and takes a while to completely dry.---Mike----
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