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heres the situation, hopefully, you can play sherlock holmes better then i have.

I purchased a home in south florida and the wood flooring was showing some water damage. apparently there had been some damage and it was fixed by a previous owner. They said it was a condensate line issue that caused water to back up into the room and damage the floor. since then, i have ripped up the wood floor and had it tested by an enviormental company who tested it as of today the 24th of june and said the moisture was very high. this is after three weeks of running a consumer dehumidifier and two days of a commercial dehumidifier.

Ive had the plumbing checked and theres no damage in the pipes. the floor is dry to the touch. theres is no water instrusion from the roof or windows that we can see.

with all that in mind. is there anything we are missing to find the source of the moisture. i am stumped and no one can give me a definitive answer. any help you can give could help end a frustrating situation.

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1. Did you tape a plastic to the slab floor for 24 hours?
2. Can you watch the water meter at the property line for usage while no one flushes? For 20 minutes or so. The small dial/numbers will move with a small leak.
3. Was the AC unit tested by a Professional?
4. Is the attic ventilating?
5. Is it when it rains? Tape plastic over a suspect window with the blue tape on walls. Did the plastic get wet?
6. Is the dryer duct plugged partially? Look outside at the termination- do the louvers or door open enough?
7. Have you had the dryer cleaned inside, or the ducts? Is it a plastic accordion duct (not allowed)?
8. Is the bathroom fan ducted outdoors or to the attic?
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