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Moen Kitchen Faucet Retainer clip wont go in.

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I had an issue with the cartridge in my single handle moen kitchen faucet. I fixed that issue but now no matter how many times I position the new cartridge,
I can not get the retainer clip back in. I know not to force it, ect, but that darn thing wont go in. It looks like the body it goes into is clean at the bottom, I tried pushing down on the edge of the cartridge thinking maybe it was not all the way down, ect. ect.

Why can't I get this thing back together?
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Pull it out a little bit or it mite need to push it in more. Make sure you got the wright cartridge there are one for kitchen faucet and shower faucet look the same but are little bit bigger.
What are you using to get it in?
A pair of needle nosed plyers with the clip at a right angle works.
If the cartridge is the correct one, it has to be fully seated for the clip to go in. Once the cartridge is seated, there isn't really any tension on the clip. It will pop in and out easily.
Mike Hawkins:)
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Are you still having trouble?
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