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modern dimmers ?

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i am going to be putting 2 ceiling fans in a newly finished complete gut room.
i want dimmers on the new ceiling fans, that i have yet to buy.

what i want to know is : how do i go about buying compatible dimmers, fans and bulbs ?

i ask, because i have had issues with this in the past.
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I would buy a fan that uses regular Edison base lamps. Then decide whether you want incandescent, CFL or LED lamps. Make sure the ones you buy are dimmable (if CFL or LED). Wire a hot and neutral to the switch box and a 3 wire cable up to the ceiling box. Buy a dimmer compatible with the type lamps.
Something like this would be appropriate:

Edit to add: You would need one of these for EACH fan.
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Here is a good reference on the different types of dimmers available...
You need a switch like kbsparky posted. You don't use a dimmer on the fan motor. You need a fan speed switch for fan speeds and a dimmer for the light kit on the fan.
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