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Mobile Home Switch Replacement

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Hi there, I have a mobile home at my camp that I need to replace a light switch, it currently has those self contained switches wired like the attached photo, my question is, I'd like to mount a work box and use a traditional switch to replace it, How do I wire a new switch to work like the old one? Thanks in advance!
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Is there only 1 cable entering the switch? If so, it's a switch leg.

If this is the case, Power comes into the switch on the white, and returns to the light on the black. Connect the ground wire to the box, and use a single pole switch. The switch will have 2 brass colored terminals. White wire on one and black wire on the other. Ground wire goes to the green screw if the switch has one.

Edit: individual above me beat me to it and included a diagram.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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