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Mobile Home Switch Replacement

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Hi there, I have a mobile home at my camp that I need to replace a light switch, it currently has those self contained switches wired like the attached photo, my question is, I'd like to mount a work box and use a traditional switch to replace it, How do I wire a new switch to work like the old one? Thanks in advance!
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Be mindful of what daveb1 stated:
Be sure the wall is deep enough for a box.

Many people do not realize that in these types of homes the wall cavities are not nearly as deep as standard built homes and many of the boxes that you would normally use can not be used in the walls of a mobile home because the box is too deep. so many people then try to compensate by using a small less deep box and attempting to jam all the wires into the box along with the switch or receptacle. This can cause over heating, loose connections or even shorts and a fire. Just because a receptacle or light switch can be jammed into the box does not mean it is safe to use.
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