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mobile home renovations

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Hey guys, I'm new to the forum.

Within the next week or so, I'll be moving into my first "home". I've rented up until now, and recent events made it possible to own a home. It is an 90's model double wide mobile home. It actually belonged to my in-laws but they've moved two houses down. It's a great wooded lot with 2.8 acres. And the great part is we're on course to own it out right in 5 years.

Its in a state of disrepair because it sat un-inhabited for a while. Some things I know of that need immediate attention are the roof and the a/c duct work. Other than that, it just needs cosmetic repairs.

I've heard there are special considerations when renovating mobile homes. I'm just looking for some insight into anything you guys might know. Any help would be appreciated.

(I'll toss up some pictures of the house once we start moving stuff in)
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Not all mobil homes are built the same so it's hard to say exactly what your going to run into.
Some lovly things I ran into with them.
Sheathing on the roof that was only 3/8 thick.
Just kraft paper instead of tar paper as a vaper barrier on the roof.
Shingles were staped not nailed.
They used staples to attach the vinyl siding which will cause it to buckle.
Doors inside and out non standard sizes.
Quest plumbing which years ago had all kinds of class action sutes from pipes bursting and fitting leaking.
Partical board floors which if they get wet one time turn to oatmeal.
Cheap windows.
2 X 2's for wall studs instead of 2 X 4's.
Cheap plastic faucets.
I've seen where they used nothing but plaster rings to hold in the outlet. Pull on the outlet to remove a plug and the whole outlet come out of the wall.
Partical board cabinet drawers and partical board cabinet doors that tend to fall apart and the hindge screws pull out.
Dryer vent and condinsate drain just run under the home, not to the outside.

Thank goodness there not all built like this.
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There is really no difference between renovating a mobile home and a regular home, just that sizes and materials are not standard. In other words, don't try to rplace doors or kitchen cabinets with over the counter replacements, they won't fit. Keep in mind also that there is a line that runs between the two halves and forget about plumbing the other side of the mobile. Heating ducting have to be extended with a large diameter connecting "snorkel" - mine is 12" in diameter and it is a ***** to replace.

On the bright side, everything is relatively easy to get at with a mobile. Hopefully you have easy access underneath. Make sure the skirting is in decent condition and vented. Check the foundation and make sure there isn't gaps between the top of the piers and the mobile frame.

There is a mobile home repair forum I have used.

Always remember, it ain't home till you take the wheels off!
I am glad your excited. as mentioned above a lot of problems 2X2 trusses. 3/8th sheething on the roofs cpvc plumbing sawdust board subfloors if they can build it cheap and get away from it they will 1/4 drywall walls and half inch lids.
I know your excited and all. My advice is this be very carefull if you tear in to something that can open a whole can of worms you don't want. then all you would be doing is spending money you did not need to spend.
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