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Mobile Home Light Switch

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I need help. My mobile home light switch is not working. It is one of those that you touch and the lever goes up and down. Not the off and on switch. The switch has not screws. We popped off the lever and it has a rectangle and what looks like a power surge red button. How do we get to the wires to replace this?
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Mobile home stuff can be really weird sometimes.

First, find the breaker that supplies power to that switch, move the breaker to off, and put tape over the breaker.

Next, since it has no screws, i'd use a flat tip screwdriver, and very carefully, see if the switch plate will pry out. Another idea would be to take a digital picture of the switch, and armed with that, go to your local hardware store, and talk to an associate in the electrical section. If you can find a switch that's identical, you can look at how it's put together and "reverse engineer" how it must be removed.

Best of luck...Like I said, mobile home stuff often isn't what people consider "standard" and can be put together very odd.
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