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mobile home dimmer switch

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I'd like to replace the wall switch with a dimmer switch in my mobile home. The current switch is a self contained switch without a wall box. The switch fastens directly to 14 AWG Romex. Where may I purchase such a switc?
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You need to Kill the power, cut the wires, install a cut-in switch box, then install a standard dimmer.
It's called an old work box, looks like this.
Make sure the walls are deep enough to install one before buying one.

Often time mobile homes have paper thin walls.
depth shouldnt be a problem, we have replaced receptacles in two mobile homes and neither had any problem fitting the old work boxes, even the walls made of 1x3's fit without a problem. Not contradicting you, Joe, just my two cents. good luck bill
This one works well for shallow spaces.{keyword}&kwd={keyword}&cm_mmc=shopping-_-googleads-_-pla-_-202077341&ci_gpa=pla#.UL5Rs4awV7k
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