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Mixture of Siding Material (Vinyl and Wood)

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Hey Everyone,

I am working on an old house. It is 2.5 stories with 3 dormers. The dormers are difficult to reach as the roof is steep and short - I am guessing I will need a lift to work on them from the outside. My question is in regards to the siding. Right now the house is sided with cedar lap siding with a 2.5 - 3 inch reveal. Most of the siding is in good shape. The dormers however need some work. Next year I would like to replace the cedar siding on the dormers with vinyl but leave the rest of the house in wood. I don't particularly care for vinyl, but no other material has a reveal this size and I woldn't have to paint that area (except for the window trim which I can do from the inside) which would be a big plus.

Has anyone done anything like this? Part of the house in wood and a non-adjacent area in matched vinyl? Am I out of my mind here? Will this look bad in 5 to 10 years? I am just trying to set myself for less maintenance with the dormers due to their inaccessibility.


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The dormers are 2.5 stories up.
That far up no one is going to notice the siding on the dormers -
That far up you don't want to paint -
The siding on the dormers will not match - even close.
Side the dormers with whatever siding you choose -
(Don't want to paint/stain - then: vinyl)
Just find something you like (vinyl).
Yes, we've done the same thing -
cedar siding (deteriorated), with the rest of the house in Cedar, brick,
aluminum, cement board, etc...)
It would have been nice to put up new Cedar; except, for money
So, it was vinyl.
It looks alright.


Also, before you side it (with whatever you're going to side it with - check the "flashing" on the
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