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Hi, I just joined this chatroom and am getting fantastic information. Thanks everyone. I'm going to put hardwood floor in the bedroom. It is currently stinky dark carpet. The adjoining living room is red oak hardwood. I originally thought I'll just continue that into the bedroom, but now I'm thinking maybe I'll do a different color, something a little warmer, maybe a wider plank. Does anyone have any photo samples or any ideas where I can see photo samples?

The bedroom opens onto the living room with a wide double door, which we leave open most of the time. I'll post a few photos tomorrow when there's more light, thought I'd post this to get some opinions.

Thanks in advance!

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Go next door to Contractor talk--Contractor Talk - Professional Construction and Remodeling Forum
(you can't join or post there--just look)

Look in the flooring section---there are some fine examples there. Pinwheel (a member) does a lot of nice simple borders that would not be out of reach for a beginning or intermediate wood worker.

Use google 'images' as a source also.
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