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Mixing 5-15R 5-20R on 20A circuit

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I am installing a new 20A outlet circuit on the garage shop with a couple of 2-gang boxes. I do not see a need for all 20A outlets, may be half and half. I would assume there is no code issue with doing that. May be the savings in cost is not significant and I should go with all 20s.
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If there is 1 receptacle on the whole circuit (i.e. one SOCKET not one yoke), then the socket must exactly match the ampacity of the breaker. (noting that 40A sockets don't exist; for 40A you use 50A sockets).

For 20A circuits, if there is more than 1 receptacle on the whole circuit, then 15A socket(s) are allowed, as a special exception to let you do exactly what you want to do :)

The upshot of this is you only need to carry duplex 5-15's on your truck :)
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