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hey thanks jb. Like I said, it was always my understanding this was illegal but what surprised me is when I could not prove it.

the problem I have is accepting that 240.4(E) does not apply. This is a tap we are talking about and due to that definition (which is actually stated in 240 so that makes the definition specifically applicable to this chapter), I can find no reason not to be able to utilize it.

I'm going to talk to a couple codes whiz kids and get their take on it. Maybe they can make me see something I am not or maybe I will cause them to say...well..maybe...I don't know.

maybe this is something that needs to be corrected in the code. We all have found something from time to time that is inconsistent with what we understand the code to mean in different sections of the code. Maybe the panel just missed this.

thanks for your input and you too have a good weekend.

Oh, and to:
I know from over the years and on other forums, that you like to stir the pot.:whistling2:
Maybe it comes from my love of cooking.:laughing:
81 - 81 of 81 Posts