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Mixer tap issue.

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Hi there, Just wondering is it normal for cold water to be pushed up the hot water pipe from the mixer tap? We have a mixer tap on our kitchen sink and when I use the hot water its fine but when I turn on the cold water it turns cold and Noticed the hot water pipe that was hot before I turned on the cold water, then the hot water pipe turned cold. Could this cause the tank in the loft/attic to over fill?

Kind regards
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Under some circumstances, when faucets are turned on, the pressure of the cold water at the mixer tap can be greater than or less than the pressure of the hot water at the same mixer tap. This can cause water to go straight across and back feed up the other side and only the water from the dominant side comes out the spout.

How old is the house? Are there any very old pipes (like more than 30 years old), that could have gotten arteriosclerosis?

If you adjust the two faucets can you eventually get warm water out of the mixer tap spout?
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