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We've been pricing out a new HVAC system with a few local contractors (well, adding central air but all installers have said our heat system is too old so that'd need to be replaced too). Our house is a twin, and we have a deck that we use a lot out back, so our space on the side of our house for a typical (Trane) condenser unit is tight at best. If we go that route, we may be forced to put the unit on our deck or just past our deck - not a desireable install for us.

Our downstairs is 1 large room (17'x35') and a kitchen (15'x12'). Right now we have a 220V 20,000 BTU window unit that we lug up and install each year and it does a good job downstairs but is loud and noisy. On the 2nd floor our bedroom gets unbearable hot at night (uninsulated west facing brick wall - acts like a kiln by 2:00am).

Our concern over a standard central air is to get our bedroom comfortable, we're going to have to set the thermostat downstairs to 60F and pay to keep the downstairs frigid all night. There's only one air duct to the bedroom, and while it does move air, I'm just very worred about spending $8000 and still needing a window unit up there.

So we recently read up about the Mitsubishi Mr. Slim and similar units and in theory they seem ideal for us. A slim outside compressor would fit w/o blocking our walkway, and then one larger indoor unit downstairs and a smaller one upstairs. From my reading, it seems we could essentially shut off the downstairs unit at night and just cool the bedroom.

Opinions online seem to be mixed - people either love them or hate them. Are there any pros on there that have installed these types of units - sucessfully or otherwise? Other brands we should look at besides Mitsu? I've seen Frederick and LG units but haven't investigated them yet.

Any input would be greatly appreciated!

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Fujitsu has some of the highest SEER rated units and are Premium quality units. Minisplits work very well but have to be installed by a knowledgeable contractor who has installed quite a few of them. They are not inexpensive and work great in houses with no or poor ductwork and are VERY quiet.
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