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Joe Willie,

You went through a lot of iterations on your wiring plan. What did you finally do? A sup-panel in your outbuilding or a 20 amp MWBC?

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When I rewired my lights (as part of my basement finishing project), I went over and flipped the switch to find no lights would come on. I was stumped. After a minute of smoke rolling out my ears, I realized I was flipping the wrong switch. PHEW! What a relief that was. And when I hooked up the breakers to the rest of the electrical, It did feel awesome that everything worked.

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Thanks again

Double pole 20A @ house
10-3 UF buried 24" for 140' + warning ribbon
SquareD 70 A 2 slot box grounded via 8 AWG to two ground rods 7' apart
2 20 A single breakers wired to 2 main junction boxes
12-2 to:

Circuit #1
1 double 120w outdoor flood w/ indoor single pole 20A switch
1 20A GFCI outdoor in-use receptacle
1 20A indoor receptacle

4 indoor 20A receptacles
2 twin 38w Fl lights with 20a single pole switch

I planned for and will utilize no more than 12A per circuit at any time

All 12-2 clamped within 8" of box, switch, or receptacle.
All nuts and switches/receptacles taped
Nail plates on studs

It looks so nice I hate to cover it up.
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