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Hello all, and thanks for all the wonderful help this community offers! I posted this in HVAC as well, I'm sorry for the duplication!

I just purchased a Senville mini-split system for my garage - it is a 24,000BTU unit that runs on 208/230 volts (Model is "Senville SENL-24CD")

I've done a bit of electric in my time, half of my house and the entire garage, but I've got a question about wiring the outdoor unit to my breaker panel. In doing some research, there is varying advice on what size cable and what size/type of breaker I will need for this.

The label on the outdoor unit has the following information on it, which is supposed to inform the type of cable and breaker I need:
1) Power Source: 208/230V - 60Hz
2) Indoor Fan Motor Load: .5A
3) Outdoor Fan Motor Load: .6A
4) Compressor Load: 15A
5) Indoor Minimum Circuit Ampacity: 3.0A
6) Outdoor Minimum Circuit Ampacity: 20.0A
7) Indoor Max. Fuse: 15.0A
8) Outdoor Max. Fuse: 25.0A

So, in running power cable from this outdoor unit to my breaker box, here are my questions:

1) I'm assuming that since it runs on 220, I will need a double-pole breaker, yes?

2) What size breaker do I need? The minimum/maximum numbers are confusing - why are the indoor and outdoor maximums different? Isn't the entire system going to be powered by one double-pole breaker? I've seen lots of variability, with people using anything from a 15-amp breaker to a 30.

3) Cable - I've seen lots of advice what wire I need to run between my outdoor unit and my breaker box. It will be about a 50' run of cable. I've seen people suggest 14, 12, or 10 gauge copper. 14 certainly seems small, no?

4) Is the cable for this going to 2-wire or 3-wire? Again, if it's 220, wouldn't I need something like 14-3, 12-3, or 10-3? (This would have the red and black wires going to the two poles of the breaker, with the white to neutral, ground to ground). I've seen people discussing just using something like 12-2. That doesn't seem right.

Thanks in advance!
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