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But not in a good way.

First time poster and new member here. Look forward to hearing from yall.

Ive got a 3.5cu. ft. Magic Chef mini Fridge that's started making a single loud pop after the compressor shuts off. It's loud anoughvwake me up. It began recently after a 14-hour power outage. It happens anywhere from less than a second all the way up to ten seconds after the compressor cycles off. There's are a few odd things I've noticed while trying to diagnose the issue. I removed the drip tray that slides under near the freezer and the popping stopped. After reinstalling the drip tray a few hours later, it worked with out making a pop for several hours until the sun went down. The popping sound came back.
This kinda points to external temperature fluctuation being the cause, but it doesn't fluctuate more than 5 degrees in the room on a hot day.
The machine is cooling well, and isn't running more than usual. I've tried to inspect the coils but do not know how to access them.

I'm really stumped here. I look forward to some tips.

Model number: HMBR350WE1


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