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3 years ago I had my log home sand blasted to remove a solid stain that had been previously applied. I re-stained the house using California Storm Stain Semi-Transparent oil based. Mildew problems have been terrible with this application.

I want to clean the house with Jomax /bleach and re-stain. Is this my best bet? If yes, I know I should wet plant life first but should I wet the house before putting on the Jomax solution?

When I re-stain should I use a different product? Perhaps a Latex or water based product. My understanding is the mold tends to feed on oil based stain and latex would be a better alternative.

I still want to use a semi-transparent? Has anyone used California storm-stain latex based semi-transparent?

What about adding an additive to the stain or is this just a gimmick?

Thank you Bob

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If Sikkens is available in your area, I'd recommend that

They have Log Home specific products

They are particular about recommending prep, and I believe they will ask you use a TSP/Bleach/Water mix, although I have used the Jomax/Bleach/Water for prep for Sikkens before

It would def. be worth it to check out their website for info, and to see if it's available
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