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Microwave oven touchpad hack

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Is it possible to upgrade our microwave oven to have a little touchpad?
Our Seats Kenmore Elite in-cabinet Microwave Oven, model 721.86013010 has a big "con" - the touchpad needs a backlight so I can find the Kitchen Timer button when I want to time something (I keep track of how long I run the front sprinkler with it). Is it possible to get and install a touchpad that is backlit?
I'm guessing I have to replace the entire touchpad but as most appliances have minor variations within product lines I'm hoping there's a possibility of doing a plug-and-play.
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I suspect by the time you research and find a touchpad that fits and purchase the required bits to convert it over, you're going to be in the $$ to the point that the hassle of replacing it "costs" you more than buying a new nuker...

Maybe get a rechargable LED light and magnet it nearby. Or just buy a timer... Personally, I use my cellphone as a timer all the time...
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Get Alexa, works great for a timer...
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