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I'm Brian and just joined. I've used the forum
to look at things before and hope by joining
I may be able to give back and help someone

I live in Central New York (Syracuse) with a
little terrier who I joke (kinda) puts the "terror"
into Terrier.

I do have a question - I have a pump that uses
a microswitch and on it is printed the manufacturer
and part number. It's a Kedu HY67. I've been able
to go onto the manufacturers site and view the
specs, but, I have not been able to find a supplier.

Surely, there must be somewhere I can get one at
a reasonable price. I know of one source and they
want $40 for the switch.

Does anyone know of a place online where I can
buy one of these?

Thanks so much . . . Brian

p.s. if the specs will help at all, the link is,hy67).pdf

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specs say 16 amps @ 125, 15 amps @ 250, 3/4 HP
Pretty hefty microswitch.
How is this switch activated?
yes, for a microswitch, it is hefty.

so, what about the configuration JagGuy? The terminal type I linked is a lot more common so if you can use something like that or even spade terminals in the same place as the screw terminals, it might be able to be substituted and the chances of finding one would increase.

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No, it doesn't need to have the spade terminals, since
the wires are currently soldered onto them anyhow.

But, the switch fits in a housing that is specific to
the switch. So I have to have this exact switch.

Thanks for the idea though . . . . Brian

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The diaphragm expands to push on the switch and the thickness of the switch is also critical. The mounting holes are specific to this switch too. But to answer your question . . . there is room in that area of the housing.

Thanks . . . Brian

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Thanks to everyone


I would like to give a heart-felt thank you to everyone
who helped me. This was my first experience posting
here and you made me feel very welcome and offered
excellent suggestions.

I've done some research and did a 360 degree spin
right back to Grainger. This switch
is virtually identical to the switch I need. I am busy
converting inches to millimeters because of course
the specs for each switch are different. But so far,
it is an exact match. Plus, it's $3.87 at Grainger vs.
$40 for the other switch and a several week lead
time. This switch is widely available.

I would not have looked at an alternate switch had
it not been suggested here.

Once again - Thank You


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It's installed

Thank you so much KB - that was very nice of you to offer.

My son's company has an account and I used their name
and just paid cash instead of putting it on account.

In other news, I got the switch and other than it has two
output terminals, it is the identical switch. Exactly.

I put it in and it works perfectly.

While I was at Grainger, I bought three of the switches so
hopefully I won't have this problem in this lifetime again.

Once again . . . Thanks all

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