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Micro Wave Oven blowing circuit fuse

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Ontario House built 1960.
Micro Oven & Frig, connected to same recepticle. (20 Years.)
Three years ago Old M/oven began blowing its internal fuse on a regular basis.
Bought new M/Oven..... Worked well for three years.

Now this has begun to blow its house fuse. (Even when no other load ls on circuit)

Oven works OK in another recepticle.

I've checked wiring in four recepticles that comprise this line. contact screws are tight.

A side issue is that, all the boxs that I checked are 3/4'' back from the wall surface, & the electric wires in every box were cut very short.
Any ideas welcome. Ken
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if the MW and fridge are on the same circuit, the fridge wuld still be a load on the circuit, right?

I'd probably run a circuit for just the M/W. I'm sure we'll get someone wh can confirm, but I believe that's code. I know in my local community, we'd have to change it to its own circuit, 20 year old wiring or not.
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Microwaves do use a lot of power !
At least 1000w or there abouts !
What else is on that circuit ?
Could just be the load on that circuit
has been slowly increasing.
We add this and then that and think
nothing of it.
It all adds up.
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Piece of mind just run a new line and circuit for the micro wave direct.
See what happens. If it's the microwave you'll know it replace it.
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My thanks to the few folks that replied.
I never did solve this mystery,after spending a lot of time at it.:yes::(
With Xmas very close. I ran the flexable Mirowave cord through a hollow section of counter -top to a second out- let.:laughing:
Glad you found a work around.....

A lot has changed the past 10-15 years when it comes to kitchens.....and when you consider that it's the most common source of house's worth upgrading.

Todays kitchens have a lot of high power devices....Our microwave pulls up to 1500W. The electric water kettle....1100w. Add up all the other misc washer (with eletric heating) cooler....toaster....

By 1960's and earlier standards, kitchens are under powered.....and that is not taking into consideration an electric oven or stove top....

I upgraded my kitchen with 4 new circuits in 2000....and I'm about to do it again.....

Fridge - Own 20A ckt so I don't have to worry about something tripping it's breaker
Microwave - 20A
Disposal and Dishwasher - 20A
Stop top (gas) and vent hood - 20A
Counter Tops - (2) 20A GFIC ckts
Oven - 30A 240Vac

And that is just the kitchen.....

We are putting in a Pub....and it will have 2 20a cooler and power for a toaster oven/blender (nothing like margarita's with pizza bits....)
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