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The meter goes in the panel in your picture. This panel above. What do you mean by?

"Orange goes to my meter panel, 1 and 2 hot, 3 neutral, 4 ground. 1, 2, and 3 are 4-0 aluminum, and the 4th wire is 2-0 aluminum".

Orange are the feed thru lugs that you might need or you might not need?
Do you have another panel that you need to feed inside the house? If the answer is yes, the orange lugs are to feed the other panel.

This meter main looks like what they use for house trailers. They mount this panel outside on a pole and feed the trailer panel from the orange circled lugs.

I would look at other meter mains, unless you are going to use this panel to feed another panel. You are very limited with breaker capacity in this panel. This panel is designed for very few branch circuits. It is designed to feed another panel.
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