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Building a home.

Getting power to the property via an outdoor galvanized pipe meter box/breaker box pedestal (see attached image):

Temporarily living in an RV while constructing.

The pedestal is not temporary - it will be used as source of both temp power during construction and final power afterwards.

We need outlets extending out from the breaker box (again, see image), but we were hoping to have a single outlet box with a 1 gang 20 amp and a single 30 amp outlet right next to it -- both in the same box.

That configuration apparently doesn't' exist (I searched everywhere).

So now it seems I'm forced to have 2 SEPARATE outlet boxes (one with 1 gang 20 amp and the other with 30 amp socket).

So my question is, as far as the NEC goes, am I allowed to have 2 electrical outlet boxes stemming from a single knockout from the breaker box? (breaker box --> conduit --> box 1 --> conduit --> box 2).

Or does each outlet box need to stem from its own conduit and own knockout in the breaker box.

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You can use one of these. They can be found with and without the breakers. The ones without the breakers are basically just a glorified box with built in cover.

The one pictured can be wired with 10/3 (I believe... it would be the logical way to build this... I haven't used one of this style before).

From your pedestal, you can install a 2pole 30 amp breaker and feed this, which could be mounted on a post beside your pedestal.

Or am I overlooking something here?

Oh, as far as the conduit question, here in canada that is permitted, as long as there is room in the box for the wires and the device. But I cannot comment on the NEC.

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If the 30 amp receptacle you need is to feed a travel trailer 30 amp circuit you can use the box Kevin posted. That is a 30 amp 120 volt circuit. The box must be fed with a 30 amp single pole breaker.
Or you can install 2 boxes fed from a single knock out as you suggest.

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