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Metal wall box falling apart at the seams!

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Thank you to all the contributing members here, it's an amazing resource.

1950's split level has Metal Junction boxes attached to studs. While updating switches to paddle switches I've found several boxes where the metal box is literally coming apart at the seams.

I'm wondering if anyone has experienced this, has suggestion for fixing (besides removing and using old work boxes).

The design has the nailed on wall plate attached to the "box" with screws that overlap a tongue. in my case it looks like the screws are backed out.

The screws can be seen here in the bottom left (outside the box) and the upper right had sides.
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I think you will waste more time and do more damage trying to repair it than by replacing it. I would cut it out and replace with an old work box.

I would use a box like this one.

Arlington makes a similar one, model F101.

You'll also have a lot more room in the box than with the original.
Thanks for the tip, those boxes look much sturdier than the blue ones with the drywall ears. thanks!
What type of wiring do you have? A metal box is needed with metallic cables.
Jim, thanks for commenting, the wiring is all NM with a Copper ground wire in it.
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