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What are the pros and cons of choosing between a metal roof and an asphalt shingle roof?

Our house has asphalt shingle roofing and we are currently getting bids for replacing it. It's a gable roof, 4/12 pitch, about 1600 sf).

So far we have a few bids for asphalt shingles and we thought we might as well check into a metal roof while we are at it for comparison. We had one company come out and prepare a bid for a metal roof although we haven't received the bid yet.

Just thought I would check in here to see what your thoughts are. We have heard metal roofs will cost more but last longer, but there is probably a lot more to it than that.

Thanks, Bob

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Yes, a good quality metal will cost a lot more, but they are one of the products abvailable for the Government Energy Tax Credit from the Stimulus Package approved recently.

Ypu can get 30% off of an approved metal roof, up to a maximum of $1,500.00

If you go with metal, the better guage thickness is 24 guage in steel and .040 in aluminum.

Also, the Kynar 500 color coat finish is the longest lasting high quality baked on color.

I your area, Berridge Manufacturing makes a good product material and system.
Click on the links at the bottom of the page for more local information.
A less expensive system to install, but not as verstile.
Products and profiles available.

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