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Metal NM clamp with plastic box ok?

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I'm replacing a range hood with an above range microwave. I discovered that the range hood was on a dedicated circuit so will use that to power the microwave. I have a grey plastic surface mounted box with the 1/2" round knock outs for a NM clamp. I plan on mounting the box inside the cabinet and attach it to the back of the cabinet (screw into the wall stud behind). The plan is to make a hole in the back of the cabinet to fish the nomax wire through and into the back of the box using a metal NM clamp to secure the wire to the box. Is this acceptable? No need to ground the metal clamp as one would need to do to a metal box?

Thank you.
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If your talking about using a 1/2" metal cable connector it is no problem. No need to ground the box, it's plastic.
Why not just cut in an old work plastic box. No clutter in the cabinet.
Thanks for the replies. Putting in an old work style box does make more sense now that you mention it. I figured that with a surface mount box that there would be less cutting into the back of the cabinets, plus I remember seeing a few done with a surface mount, so that idea just stuck with me.
I prefer surface boxes in this scenario. Cutting the cabinet and hitting a stud/fire block is enough of a deterrent IMO.
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