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Metal Lamp Touch Switch Module

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Years ago and maybe still today you could purchase a lamp with a metal base that included a touch/dimmer control. Later I found that you could purchase these 3 wire modules and wire them in your own light fixture with a metal base and have the touch/dimmer control. Well, as CFLs became popular and now LEDs those old touch/dimmer modules don't work so well. I can NOT seem to find a similar module that is JUST a TOUCH ON, TOUCH OFF rather then going through the dimming process. Anybody familiar with these modules - how hard would be to modify it just to switch on and off? Or is there a circuit handy that one can build (using the 120V) for the lamp to power it?
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Even the touch on, touch off, type controls do not get along well with CFL's. That is why you don't see them on lamps in California (unless they are halogen or LED, CA Title 24 mandates that the plug in lamp comes with CFL's in the box)

You can still buy a plug in touch control, but it is not going to be reliable with CFL's. If you go back to incandescents, they seem to work OK.

I prefer a 3 level touch control with a touch disc that is wired to the plug in unit. You can get them at Lowes or HD for about $10.
Someone from Nuts & Volts just sent me a link to a business - TouchandGlow that has exactly what I was looking for - about $9 each, bought two of them..
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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