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1st post here, thanks for welcoming me to the forum. I'm a newer home owner but I'm not new to using my hands or getting them dirty.
I'm living in a 1956 Northeast French architect ranch. That being said, it has a St.Charles kitchen that has been painted a neutral color. When we bought the home my wife and I thought the kitchen would surely have to be replaced. Well, after 8 months of living with it we LOVE the cabinets. After some research I found St. Charles used to be the bees knees when it came to steel cabinetry.
These things are sturdy and solid with all silky smooth hardware, TONS of space inside and re-enforced shelves and bottoms that don't bend or flex under weight. An added bonus is that the doors swing wide, almost flat when opening. These things are near perfect after 60+ years. I'd be stupid to throw out such craftsmanship.

I want to refinish them but am not sure exactly what I should do. I was thinking of a wood grain look, a polished, or auto body finish. I even considered a wrap or plasti-dip for an industrial look.

My brother owns a kitchen and countertop company (he obviously thinks I should rip them out because he is partial to custom cabinetry) so the countertops will be replaced when we knock the divider wall down and add a bar/island between the living area and kitchen at some point.

I have scoured the Internet for ideas but there aren't many photos of finished products so I can get an idea of what to do.

Thank you for reading and any input.

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You are not the only person that likes the old St. Charles kitchens----

If you want those to look right, they will need to be sprayed with an enamel--like a car--

If you like the look---keep them----
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