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Metal joist under ceiling drywall?

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I am in the midst of installing a garage door opener in a condo. The ceiling is drywalled so I used a stud sensor to locate the joists to put the lag screws into to support the motor unit. When I found the joist I cut out a small area of drywall so I could get the screw in centered on the joist and it revealed galvanized metal about 1.5" wide with mesh on the edges. It's strange because in other parts of the garage I've hung other things and the joists were wood. Anyways, I put a small sheet metal screw in and tested it with some weight and the metal flexes down and is not rigid at all so it's not something I can tie a heavy garage door opener into.

Any idea what this metal stuff is? It is in-line with the other wood joists I know of. Only thing that is different is that it is about 1.5' from an area of the ceiling that is dropped down. I'm at a loss as to how I am going to mount the opener now.
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Fasten a 2x4 (flat side to ceiling), across the nearest two wood joists. Attach the garage door opener to that piece. Most of the load a garage door opener experiences is lateral, not vertical, so I believe this should work fine.
That's such a good idea that I am embarrassed I didn't think of it. Thank you.
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