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messed up paint job.

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I am a beginner in home renovations. I hate the paneling in the living room in our outdated 1950 's house so I did a little research and decided to paint it. It is a dark walnut color. I primed it with two coats of Grey tinted primer. My goof was discovered after I finished the second coat. I have major drip spots on my biggest wall. Big thick streaks dried down my wall. I thought I might be able to sand them down and reprime the spots. But now I am even more worried that I will have noticeable uneven spots on my wall.

Any ideas how I can fix my beginner error?
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You can sand them down. But you need to use wet paper and water. This will allow the sandpaper to not clog and "polish" the paint down. To make it look like the rest of the wall, you need to play with the grit size until you find which one will match the paints sheen. You most likely will need to go over this area to get back the roller or brush marks also. Start with 240 grit and work with 400, 600 next. this is the black paper.. easy to find at an automotive supply store.
I tried to sand a waterbased primer to get brush marks off. I was clogged clogged clogged.
If I were you I would scrape the drip marks off first then do some light sanding. get lots of sand paper. you're probably gonna need it.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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