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Messed up, need help

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Hey everyone,

I've been replacing linoleum in a bathroom with tile, and I messed up, and I was hoping I could get some advice on the best fix. Basically, I left a gap between the edge of the tile and the porcelain bathtub and the tile shower, and I need to figure out a way to cover it. The instructions I read for tiling said to leave a gap between walls and the floor, and, (stupidly now, I realize) I treated the shower and bathtub the same as the walls (instead of tiling right up to them and caulking the joint). Originally, when there was linoleum there, there was a quarter-round against the tub and bathtub and I figured I'd do the same thing--of course now I realize there's no way to fasten the quarter-round (they nailed it into the floor).

I could, of course, chisel out the last row of tile, re-cut and replace it all, but I'd much rather not because (a) its a pain, and (b) I'm entering my third trimester and getting a bit unwieldy, and I think that job's a bit more physical than I'm up to at this point (and I'd really like to get it done before the baby arrives). Ideally, I'd really like to find a way to attach the quarter round instead. I was thinking there might be a way to screw it in through the tile, or possibly a glue that would hold it well enough? Any advice would be great. Pics of the problem are attached.



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You just use color match to the grout caulking there, no 1/4 round needed.
If you still want to use something there even though it would be the wrong way to do it, I'd suggest using vinyl cove moulding instead and attach with silicone caulking.
Cove moulding will tend to devert the water away from the gap not let water sit on top of it like 1/4 rd. would.
looks like some pieces are closer than others. I'd remove and make the edge all the same and grout near the edge myself.

or the cove molding as temp till after the baby comes and you feel more agile. ( congrats )

I also like the tile you chose.
Grout should never be used where the tile makes an turn like on an inside or outside corner, or when it comes up againt a differant material or it will crack.
You can buy a bath tub cove that comes 5' long. It is peel and stick. It is smaller than a regular cove base. I've only seen it in white, but it looks like that would work for you.
Thanks! I'll look into that cove moulding and see if that will work.
Joe gave you good advice, but just to be clear, you want to use a caulk that looks like your grout. Not grout. Many grout manufacturers sell caulking that is color-matched to their grout for this very application.

I have used the peel-n-stick bathtub cove that Rusty mentioned. It's been in place for fifteen years or so. Not the prettiest bit of trim, but it functions. When I remodel that bathroom, it will come out.
Let me just jump in and muddy up the waters a little here. :thumbup:

I realize the pros don't recommend it, but when I did my bathroom 10 years ago, I grouted right up to the tub. Probably about a 5/16" joint there. I figured I would lay a bead of caulk there after the grout cured. But it looked so good without the caulk, I thought I'd leave it as is until a crack forms, and then put a bead of caulk there. Well, 10 years later it still looks like the day I did it. Not even a hairline crack.
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