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Membrane flat roofs?

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Hi Guys...

I have two choices of membrane type roofs to go with...

1.One membrane type (which has self adhesive backing) so no torching is necessary.

2.App (firestone) which uses the torching method...

The house is near the ocean coast...what are the pros and cons of torch vs. self adhesive?...professions will be doing the work...i just want a long lasting roof...both contractors have good reputations...

Your advice and opinions appreciated...THANKS IN ADVANCE!...:)
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Could you post a photo of the section needing the new roof?

The details will assist in determining which would be more appropriate.

SA is relatively newer, but has good feedback from contractors due to the lack of requiring a torch.

If there are minimal or no fire hazards, the torch down APP modified bitumen roof, When Done Properly, provides a very thick roof material that is durable for a very long time.

Ed...Thanks for the far as pic...i need a new camera. The roof is relatively flat...It has four skylights and a few pipes comming out in the corners...

The area is about thousand sq. feet. and at the present has some siilver painted foam which is cracking....

Speaking with the self adhesive type roofer ...seems the company is stand up...

The second contractor estimator... suggested i put (aluminum and foam) insulation about 1/4 inch thick...under the material to be applied torched.

I called up the a aluminum dealer of this product...his opinion was that this application of his product would produce little results in insulation...whereas it would best used in an attic space...? So if i go with the MicroFoil in this case...

This Old house was built in the 20s...and i have been repairing it since i got it five years ago...Any advice opinions appreciated...THANKS!
sorry but may i ask what is torching method?
Fast1 'torching' as i understand a method where they apply heat with a torch to melt or weld the sealant of the membrane to the deck.

The other is where you have the membrane already has glue peel away backing...
Hi Guys!...

Well i still haven't found a roofer yet. The one contractor that was going to do the torch style membrane...wanted 50 percent down of the the total job up front???...admitted that he needed the money for the material. So i don't think i am going there.

The other roofer that uses the non torch self adhesive membrane seems like a stand up guy and the company seems reliable or will probably go that route.

Just wondering aside from the old tar and pea gravel method and foam...if there is any other material or type of flat roofing...was thinking it would be nice to have an all copper roof...Soooo is there any other type of flat roofing that i could look into...YOUR SUGGESTIONS OPINIONS APPRECIATED!
A white thermoplastic hot air welded roof system, such as IB Roofing Systems is high quality in your area.

Contact LA Cool Roofs. Do a search on here and you can find his user profile.


I thought you were from the West Coast. Now, I don't see that in your profile. State where you are from and I can recommend a quality system popular in your area and possibly a contractor too.
I have had success with quickwall stucco

I made my own stucco with fiberglass hair to keep it from cracking then coating with poymer(?) paint this guy did a flat roof and sealed it. I dont know how much his worked.
cgwj...made your own with fiberglass...:thumbup:... the land of Arnold S.(the terminator) on the west coast.

Thanks for the replies guys!:)
Hi Guys!.....

My roof...well still need to put on a new roof before this comming winter.

Only now the question is still what kind of roofing? As i said this is a flat roof with four skylights near the pacific ocean.

Right now i have some half axx job of silver foam which i have been gualking the cracks every so often. So i don't think i will do a foam roof.

Have looked at membrane...self adhesive and the torch adhesive. Thought the torch was good until the contractor wanted 50% of cost up him to admit that he need the money to buy the this guy is off my list.

Other than that ...the old style tar and pea gravel....However another thought came to mind and that is a roof with some metal barrier roof.....why metal? .....with all the micro waves flying through the air...the idea is to create some kind of shielding from the electro magnetic waves ...yeah sounds impossible as it can come through the windows i guess unless screened ...

Your opinions appreciated Thanks....Starrider :)
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Tiin me remember one of Mel Gibson's movies where he had his apartment tin foiled...walls ...ceiling ect.

Another thought is doing a flat roof can't be that hard....if i use common sense and lay out or over lap the rolled membrane (self adhesive)correctly.

Even though the silver foam stuff is caking up.....Could i just leave it there and cover over with the new roofing membrane.....and use screws and poster stapler to nail it down and put some (old henrys) over to seal the screws staples nails...

Thanks for your opinions or suggestions!:jester:
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