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Measurement for replacement windows

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Hello – I’m wondering if someone can help me with where to measure the width for a replacement window. This window is long past due for a replacement and yesterday evening the glass shattered, which is a sign that I have to get on this.

I will be replacing the window myself. I’ve done it a while ago but am getting older and can’t seem to remember how I measured, lol. Everywhere I read indicates that width should be jam to jam. Yet, that measurement is over one inch shorter than when i measure the width of the frame of the window. Perhaps b/c of jam covers? (hopefully it can be seen in one of the pics provided) I’ve attached a couple additional pics to show what i’m talking about. Hopefully my terminology is correct.

If you would let me know what you think, that would be appreciated.



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Measure from the interface of the stop to the interior casing and from the underside of the stool to the stop.

Report back with those measurements.
Thanks for the quick reply!

Unfortunately, I wasn't sure what you meant by the interface of the stop and I hope I understood what you meant by underside of the stool. Here's what I've done. I apologize in advance if I misunderstood your comment.

what i've done in the meantime is removed the trim that covers up the edges of the window. I'll attach a picture here.

Then I measured from edge of the window frame to the other edge of the window frame (where the arrows are). I did that in three places, and the shortest distance (for width) was 51.5 inches.

For height, I took the measurement from the top of the window frame to the highest point on the sill against the back of the stool. the shortest distance was 51 7/8 ".

Please let me know if that makes sense.

If so, would you also mind letting me know if I should reduce by 1/8 or 1/4 inch these measurements when ordering.

Thank you.


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