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McCulloch 1-10 chainsaw manual

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Does anyone know were I can get a copy of a owners manual for a
McCulloch Mac 1-10 chainsaw

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Just google what you just typed and one should come up.
I'd also check on ebay.
I have tried to google it but nothing good comes up and I tried rewording it different way to no avail.
I did find someone on ebay selling the manual on CD and that it would allow me to print a hard copy for 5.00 bucks and free shipping.
Hopping it's good information supposedly it totals 50 pages once printed out.

Did you try here?
I tried too with this request, unless I posted in the wrong area. It's my first post and I'm still trying to figuring out how to work this site.
Anyway I think I'm all set for now.

Thanks again
User Manuals <---------

Did you try here?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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